Chess champ at CYH! Breaking misconceptions of street kids

CYH is proud to tell the story of one of it's boys, 17 year old Swaleh, who just last month competed in the prestigious African School Chess Championships (ASCC) in Kampala.  For the past 9 months, Mukalazi John Vianney, an attorney and chess coach, has been providing free lessons to the boys at CYH, resulting
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CYH boys (we got talent!)– the new “Kids on the Block” ;)

With the ever talented Ricque leading our talent/trade/skill acquisition program, you never know where things may lead :) check this video out!
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Further progress at CYH: New enrollees!

Until recently, CYH has focused on stabilizing its funding, staff and programs.  Over the past 6-9 months we have transitioned to growing our programs and escalating the pace of family reunification and bringing new boys off the streets and into our programs. In the just past 3 months we have reunified 3 boys with their
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Douglas attends national start-up entrepreneurship camp

Last month, one of our oldest boys, 17 year old Douglas (pictured here), won a national competition that enabled him to attend a weekend camp to promote and learn skills for start-up small business concepts.  The camp brought awardees from the central and southwest regions of Uganda to learn about agriculture, business, and social consciousness.
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Video of CYH Perma-Eco Garden

IMG_3950 check it out! We will be providing demonstrations and consultations to our community neighbors interested in growing their own garden!  Community building! :)
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CYH gardens taking off!

With the help of trustee, Raymond Cohen, and life skills program director, Ricque, the boys have planted and cultivated a perma-eco garden that is prospering.  One of our oldest boys, Douglas (pictured here) has shown real leadership in this process. We will soon be taking our produce to the local farmer's market! Read More

Tamasha dances in China!

One of CYH's very own, Tamasha, the oldest boy in the home at the age of 20, and widely known to be one of the best B-Boys (hip hop dancers) in all of Uganda, has just returned from a 6-week dance tour in China with a dance company that sponsored him.  We are very proud
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CYH opens medical care program

CYH is proud to announce that we have opened a medical care program, with sick bay and medical care facilities located in-house at CYH.  We have hired nurse Winnie, pictured here, to run the program.  Please join us in welcoming Winnie to CYH!  This new program will allow us to better meet any medical care
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Grant awarded to CYH!

I am pleased to announce that CYH has received a $10,000 USD grant from AIDS Healthcare Foundation, a private organization based in the U.S. that support efforts around the world to fight the HIV epidemic.  Children living on the streets are a vulnerable population, including for infectious diseases such as HIV. We successfully proposed to
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great way to end my stay with the boys

On the last day of my trip, and before heading to the airport, the boys made some chippati (like Indian Naan bread, or soft tortillas), along with some guacamole that I introduced them too :) afterwards, some of the boys, along with Edward, escorted me to the airport.  Couldn't think of a better way to
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